NAFFI Battery Support iOS12.0

//NAFFI Battery Support iOS12.0

NAFFI Battery Support iOS12.0

Recently most customers feedback their iPhone shows “SERVICE” after upgrading to iOS12.0 system, don’t know the reason. As we know, official iPhone released newest iOS12.0 and even can recognize the quality about iPhone battery. So the protection mainboard does not match iOS12.0 well, iPhone will show “SERVICE”. On the condition, NAFFI will give you the following suggestion:

  1. Ignore it, while it have the risk that will be powered off once power is less than 80%;
  2. Exchange original iPhone battery, while the cost is high;
  3. Exchange good quality battery for iPhone from China suppliers.

Our NAFFI battery totally support iOS12.0 system, we would like to provide you with samples to check quality first. Hope it’s helpful for you.

Any interest, contact our sales team!

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